Destiny Build Guides – Warlock Sunsinger Tips and Tricks

DestinyContinuing our walk through the second subclasses for each of the main classes in Destiny, today let’s look at the Sunsinger subclass for the Warlock. It’s definitely a different beast from the Voidwalker subclass, not just for the difference in the damage type, but for the focuses that the upgrades set up for. Tomorrow will wrap up the subclass guides with the Bladedancer for the Hunter, and on Thursday I’ll do a postmortem on the first month of Destiny‘s lifespan before starting to look ahead again to Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, Sunset Overdrive, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare and Halo: The Master Chief Collection.

Before I dive into the actual upgrades for the Sunsinger, it’s important to look at your gear for Sunsinger builds. With Voidwalker builds, you can totally get away with a strength build, using Energy Drain to continually keep your grenade and Nova Bomb charging. Sunsinger on the other hand really benefits from a discipline build – keeping your grenades up is super important, especially when paired with Radiance. We’ll get into the specifics as we talk about Radiance, but keep in mind that when getting gear – it might not be a bad idea to keep a second set of gear specific to either subclass, especially if you are going to switch back and forth.

Sunsinger Class

With that said, let’s start off with the grenades for the Sunsinger subclass. You have access to the Solar, Firebolt and Fusion grenades. The Solar grenade essentially is a fire damage variant of the Vortex grenade – it’s got a good blast radius and stays up dealing damage over time for a good bit. Similarly the Firebolt grenade is close to the Axion Bolt grenade – it has a short first explosion, before sending out fireballs to hit enemies. It’s not quite as effective at hitting enemies around corners, but it does send out three bolts, which travel much faster. I like it in PvP myself for hitting enemies you can’t see around corners. Finally, the Fusion grenade really excels for taking down bigger enemies – it deals bonus damage if it’s stuck to a target. Depending on your preferences, I think your best options are the Solar and Firebolt grenades – both are really strong choices, and pair well with Radiance.

Before that, let’s hit the melee ability for Sunsinger – the Scorch melee attack. A lot like Energy Drain, it has a lot more range than you might expect, so don’t let that fool you. As a base attack it deals solar damage, and lights enemies on fire, dealing some damage over time. The upgrades for Scorch include Flame Shield, Solar Wind, and Brimstone. Flame Shield grants you an overshield when you deal damage with Scorch – which helps if you’re running around in the fray. Solar Wind makes hits with Scorch knock enemies back, keeping you a bit safer. Brimstone causes kills with Scorch to make enemies explode – giving you a bit of an option against groups of enemies. I like Flame Shield, especially in the Crucible – having an overshield is always a good thing. One thing to keep in mind – Scorch has a bit longer cooldown than Energy Drain does, so going with a discipline builds means you probably won’t be tossing Scorch around a ton.

Sunsinger Radiance

Now we get to the crux of the subclass – the super ability, Radiance. The description of Radiance is a little obtuse – just saying that it increases the effectiveness of all your abilities. What this translates to is a much much shorter cooldown on your grenade and Scorch. That’s why it’s so important to go with a discipline build – using that stat’s effect combined with Radiance lets you toss around grenades like crazy. It’s not at all unreasonable to get out at least six grenades during one Radiance. Not only does that help by clearing groups of enemies out quickly, but it also generates lots of orbs. Radiance’s upgrades are Song of Flame, Radiant Skin and Fireborn. Song of Flame reduces all the cooldowns for nearby allies, helping keep them supered, with grenades and melees up. Radiant Skin gives you a pretty sizable damage reduction with Radiance active. Fireborn lets you activate Radiance after you’ve been killed, essentially acting as a self-revive. Depending on what you’re going to be doing in game, you can mix up what upgrades you have on. Song of Flame is good if you have a group of teammates in PvE, while Radiant Skin and Fireborn both get more use in the Crucible. Fireborn is also nice to have for high level strikes that you can’t respawn without a teammate reviving you.

As for the class modifiers we have Radiant Will, Viking Funeral, Sunburst, Touch of Flame, Angel of Light, and Gift of the Sun. Radiant Will extends the duration of Radiance, giving you even more time to toss around grenades, and keep cooldowns low. Viking Funeral makes enemies you ignite burn longer and take more solar damage, nice to have extra damage anytime. Sunburst makes it so kills with Scorch have a chance to drop Orbs of Light, again helping your teammates stay supered. Touch of Flame makes it so every grenade ignites enemies, giving them all damage over time. Angel of Light allows you to hover in midair if you aim down the sights while in the air, which is a nice tactical move, especially in the Crucible. Gift of the Sun gives you a second grenade – again pairing incredibly well with a discipline build and Radiance.

Upon first glance, it might look like Sunsinger is a buffing class, thanks to keeping cooldowns low and adding damage resistance with Radiance; but in practice, Sunsinger is a lot like Voidwalker – it’s a glass cannon class that lets you throw lots of grenades that can cause damage over time, while at the same time, you still have some fragility to deal with. It’s a lot of fun to play in the Crucible for sure, using Flame Shield and Radiant Skin to keep you alive in the fray while still tossing grenades out there to get kills.

Destiny Build Guides – Titan Defender Tips and Tricks

DestinyI ran through each of the default subclasses for all three main classes in Destiny a couple weeks ago. Now that I’ve had a bit more time to mess around with each of the second classes on each class, I will be doing the same thing – starting with the Titan, moving to the Warlock tomorrow and Wednesday will be the Hunter.

The Titan’s secondary subclass is the Defender. Overall, the Titan in general is the tankiest class across the board – the base armor stat is the highest of all three classes. The Defender subclass takes that mentality to heart, with a number of abilities that are designed to increase defense, not only for you but also for you squad. With that in mind, let’s dig into the abilities for the Defender a bit more in-depth.

Ward of Dawn

First up are the three grenades available to the Defender. In contrast to the Striker, the Defender uses void damage, both for the grenades as well as the melee attack. The three grenades are the Magnetic, Spike, and Suppressor grenades. The Magnetic grenade is great for large, difficult, single enemies – it attaches to enemies and explodes twice. The Spike grenade is an area control grenade – it sticks to any surface and spews out void damage. The Suppressor grenade is tailor made for PvP – it explodes and prevents enemies from using abilities. Since the Defender uses void damage, it’s a great choice for Venus and Mars, since the Vex Minotaurs have void shields on them. The three grenades all fill different roles pretty well too – Magnetic grenades are great for doing some serious damage to single enemies or tight bunches of them; Spike grenades help pin down a pathway, making enemies find a different route, or take some damage; and Suppressor grenades are awesome in PvP to keep the enemies from using their own abilities against you.

Titan Flag

Moving on to the melee ability for the Defender, we get to Disintegrate. Similar to the Storm Fist for the Striker, at its core, Disintegrate is a extra powerful melee strike. Beyond that though, killing any enemies with Disintegrate generates a Force Barrier around you, essentially granting you an overshield. The first upgrade for it, War Machine, makes it so while the Force Barrier is up, all your weapons reload and ready very quickly. Next up, Gift of Light makes it so while Force Barrier is up, any melee kills generate Orbs of Light – very nice to help boost your teammates. Finally, Unbreakable makes it so the Force Barrier continually recharges, keeping you extra protected. Disintegrate is great for giving you a quick boost to your shields while you’re right in the thick of it, and with Gift of Light, can help generate extra Orbs for your fireteam, helping clear fights even quicker. Because Force Barrier is tied into the base melee attack, you don’t need to worry about losing it with certain upgrades.

Moving on to the Super Ability for the Defender, let’s talk about Ward of Dawn. Ward of Dawn is the only Super across all the classes and subclasses that is fully defensive. Activating Ward of Dawn generates a large, purple dome of Void Light that totally prevents enemy fire. Enemies can pass through into it – at least in PvP they can – but that just puts them into close quarters with you and your team. The upgrades for Ward of Dawn start with Armor of Light, giving anyone inside the Ward of Dawn significant damage resistance. Next up is Blessing of Light, which gives anyone who passes through the Ward a temporary shield, extending the protection for a bit longer. Finally, we get Weapons of Light, giving anyone who passes through the Ward an increase to weapon damage – good for dishing out some extra damage to large groups of Major and Ultras, or bosses. Ward of Dawn in general is most useful when you are playing with a full fireteam, as it’s benefits apply to everyone.

As for the class and ability modifiers, the Defender has access to: Bastion, Relentless, Gift of the Void, Untouchable, Iron Harvest, and Illuminated. Bastion increases how long Ward of Dawn is up; Relentless increases the strength and duration of the Force Barrier from Disintegration; and Gift of the Void, which makes the Ward of Dawn generate Orbs of Light as it takes fire from enemies. Untouchable reduces the cooldown on Ward of Dawn; Iron Harvest makes Heavy Weapon kills have a chance to generate Orbs of Light; and Illuminated increases the benefits of Blessing of Light and Weapons of Light. These boosts are primarily based around Disintegrate and Ward of Dawn – there aren’t any modifiers that affect the grenades with the Defender.

Helm of Saint-14

In general, the Defender is a great subclass for a group of players that are playing together. Playing a solo Defender doesn’t really give you the full benefits that the abilities provide. It’s also a real good subclass to bring into the crucible for Control games, using Ward of Dawn to lock down a point for a bit. Just be aware that the other players can enter the Ward and can Super inside it if they are ready. It’s a class that is built to generate plenty of extra Orbs of Light for your teammates, to keep them supered and able to deal out a ton of damage. One other modifier that I’ve come across for the Defender’s Ward of Dawn was tied to the Exotic helmet Helm of Saint-14. One of the upgrades on this helmet, Starless Night, makes it so enemies that enter the Ward of Dawn are blinded. I don’t really know how useful this is in PvE, but I can see it being very nice in the Crucible.

Weekly News Recap – Week of September 22, 2014

In terms of news for this week, we had a pretty slow week. No real bombshells came out, instead I think a lot of developers are in crunch mode for the fall releases. That said, there were a few highlights to hit.

project titan concept art

Blizzard’s follow up MMO to World of Warcraft, Project Titan had been in the works for about seven years – with nothing really to show for it. This week Blizzard announced they were canning the project. From what it sounds, they just weren’t able to find the fun in the game, and felt that killing the project was the best course of action. Not being a big MMO fan myself, I can’t say that this was on my radar at all, but whenever a big studio kills a long term project, I don’t think it’s something to take lightly.

With just over a month until release, it’s time for the marketing team to get into high gear. To that end, Activision released a trailer showing off the new 4 player co-op mode in the upcoming Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. Along with the trailer, the full achievement list has also been unveiled for the game. Over the next month I fully expect to see a bunch more trailers and info – probably including a live action trailer. There’s a track record for the last few Call of Duty games with live action commercials full of celebrities.

Shadow of Mordor

The reviews for the new Lord of the Rings: Shadow of Mordor game that drops on Tuesday hit early this morning. Based on the first bunch I looked at, it looks like we might have a sleeper hit on our hands. It looked solid based around trailers, so I’m not totally surprised that it’s a good game, but we really haven’t had a truly great Lord of the Rings game, so this is great news for fans.

How to Grind Out Post-Level 20 In Destiny

DestinyBungie likes to say that the real game in Destiny starts once you hit level 20. I’m not entirely sure that’s the case – it’s more like the game’s focus shifts away from doing story missions to turning into a grind. Grinding out levels and gear has always been a part of any RPG or MMO, so it’s really not a surprise to see it in Destiny, but I think fans might not have been expecting it to play such a prominent role in a shooter like this. A lot has been said online about the grind for gear post level 20, some of which I agree with. In general I do think the loot drop system needs a little bit of a tweak – either the rates for high tier drops needs a boost, or those rare purple engrams need to guarantee a purple item. I’m actually fine with them giving gear for random classes – they expect you to be playing multiple classes anyway, it’s just frustrating when the purple drops are so rare.

Destiny Legendary Engram

I get that on one hand – you can buy purple gear from any of the vendors on the Tower, so really the only truly rare items are the yellow Exotic ones. But in practice, getting those items is just as much a grind – you have to rank up the Vanguard/Crucible/Faction rep to rank 3 before you can buy the weapons, rank 2 for the armor. No matter what, once you reach level 20, get ready to repeat a lot of the same things over and over trying to get lucky drops. I’ve found the Crucible to be a nice way to break the monotony a bit too, since you aren’t just doing the same missions over and over – the problem is that the gear drops seem to be really random. Players that don’t perform well can get Exotic weapons, while MVP’s get nothing. I trust Bungie is working on these sorts of things, but the biggest thing is that players need to have patience, which is very hard in this sort of gaming world.

Destiny Loot Cave

As I was sitting down to write this post, I was planning on quickly mentioning the “Loot Cave” at the Skywatch on Earth, before talking about the other spots that I like to go to for grinding in Patrol. That was the plan, until Bungie released a hot fix for Destiny as I am writing this post that adjusted spawn rates for certain areas, most notably, the infamous Loot Cave. Also in the patch are a couple of the other spots that I like to go – in particular on Venus. Originally, the Shattered Coast and Ember Caves both had spawn timers of 10 seconds, making it very easy to run laps and continually grind loot and chests. After today’s patch the timers were adjusted to 40 seconds, which I think more impacts the Ember Caves. I think the Shattered Coast loop can still be run pretty effectively, just not as quickly as it was before. Beyond that though, there is still a good spot on the moon that can be used – the satellite building in Anchor’s Light has a good loop to run. I haven’t found much in the way of great loot, but it’s a good spot to go for weapon XP and Vanguard rep/Helium Coils too. As Bungie continues to tweak the spawns, both PvE and PvP, as well as the loot system (which it appears they’re working on according to the patch notes) little loops like this will probably change.

Destiny Achievement Roadmap

DestinyI’ve never shied away from the fact that the Xbox Achievements play a pretty big role in how I approach some games. Even though I was totally going to be getting Destiny no matter what, the achievement list helped thanks to no particularly insane achievements. In general they’re all ones that are pretty easily obtained through playing the game – nothing requires players to really go out of their way to do crazy things. So with that in mind, I thought I’d provide how I went about approaching the achievements to maximize your gamerscore.

First off, there’s only three achievements related to completing story missions – all of which are taken care of in the first few story missions. Beyond those, you can also grab a couple extra ones within those first few missions. During the very first mission make sure to kill the Fallen enemies with headshots and don’t die to ensure you unlock The Bane of the Kell achievement. On your first trip to the tower, make sure to inspect a player there to get that achievement as well. While you are on Earth, you can also make sure you get the Bane of the Dead by killing 25 Hive with headshots – the best spot is on the Last Warmind story mission’s final firefight. You should also be able to grab achievements for dismantling weapons and armor, decrypting engrams, reviving players, reversing an upgrade; as well as start work on completing Public Events. The other precision kills can be tackled on Venus for the Vex (use the second story mission) and Mars for the Cabal (the first story mission has plenty). You can also grab the kill 5 enemies in 3 seconds achievement in the third story mission on Earth – use a super on the group of Thralls that rushes you in the dark room.

Destiny Valorous Achievement

There are a few other achievements that require you to do a bit of grinding – fully upgrading a subclass will take until you are around level 25 or so. Make sure you are doing as many bounties as possible to make the XP gains go faster. For the two weekly mark achievements, pick one and do it through before focusing on the second. I did Vanguard first, getting 100 marks in a week isn’t too tough at all, just do the Public Events to Gold, as many patrol missions as possible and turn in upgrade materials to the Vanguard Quartermaster. The game says that doing the Vanguard strikes playlist is the fastest way, but I don’t know that is really true. Each completed strike will get you six marks if you play the highest level – doing the others is easier to do solo. As for rep – always do all the PvE bounties, and missions while patrolling for gear. It’s worth doing not only for the achievement, but the gear that unlocks – at rank 2 you can buy Legendary gear, at 3 you can buy weapons. I also was gifted a Legendary weapon once I got to rank 3, but I don’t know if that is a random unlock. Doing the Vanguard stuff is a bit of a grind, but it can help with some of the other achievements as well – going into patrol is a good way to get engrams to drop, with the possibility for Legendary or Exotic items, which are both needed for achievements. Grinding is also part of getting the Lucky 7’s achievement – it’s not actually possible to hit 777 in the Grimoire, but as soon as you break that number the achievement should pop. A great way to build that Grimoire score is collecting the Dead Ghosts – you need them anyway for another achievement. Some of them are hidden in really devious spots, so don’t be afraid to find a location guide – I used the IGN guide to grab mine.

Destiny Flawless Stiker

As for the Strike and Raid achievements, you really need to go in with friends. The Strike ones are much easier – beating one is pretty easy to do, and being part of a clan is real simple on There are plenty of open clans for you and friends to join, or you can do what I did and create a group for your friends to be in. Beating one with no one dying is a little trickier, but not too difficult in practice. We got to about level 14 or so and then hopped back into the Earth strike. It’s level six, the only real threats come from the Devil Walker’s main cannon and arc mines, and Sepiks Prime’s “melee” attack. Just take it slow and smart, if your shields break, back off and heal, don’t be afraid to use your supers to get you out of jams; but most importantly – communicate with your teammates. Make sure everyone knows when the Devil Walker is vulnerable, and that they know where Sepiks Prime is when he teleports. As for the Raid achievements, I really can’t speak too much for them – we haven’t tackled it yet, knowing it’s a level 26 quest and requires six players.

Destiny Notorious

The last group of achievements to talk about are the PvP ones in the Crucible. The only really tricky one is killing one of each class in one life. Your best bet is playing Control and hoping to see a good mix on a Control point – then super the point. As for the others – getting 100 kills on each class is easy just by playing and killing, maxing out the Crucible marks in a week is easy since you get marks regardless of win or loss; and the heavy weapon kills aren’t terrible either. I recommend a rocket launcher, since it’s got a quicker damage output than the machine guns. Just make it a point to grab the heavy ammo whenever it comes up, and most importantly – use them! They aren’t there to hoard – they are there to get easy kills.

Diving into the Crucible in Destiny

DestinyNow that I’ve finished up the story for Destiny I’ve started playing a bit of the PvP in the Crucible. I’m really doing this for a couple reasons. First, I want to make sure that I get my hands on everything that Destiny has to offer. Second, there are a number of achievements tied into the Crucible. Finally, playing the Crucible is a great way to get high level gear. Just playing for a couple hours last night I was able to get a better helmet, chest piece and shotgun (all Blue) while one of my buddies got an Exotic LMG (Thunderlord).

With that in mind I thought I’d share a bit of what I’ve learned playing the PvP over the last couple days. All I’ve really played so far has been Control, Destiny’s take on Domination. I’ve played on all but three of the maps that are on the Xbox One version, a few more than others. I’ll go over a few overall tactics first, then talk about any map specific stuff at the end. The most important tactic is communication though – play with friends and make sure you are talking about where the enemy is.

Destiny Invective Shotgun

In general, most of the maps have plenty of tight corridors that make close combat pretty prevalent. To that extent, I would bring either a fusion rifle or shotgun as your Special Weapon, but the shotguns are a clear better option. Fusion rifles are a bit more versatile but they have a very easy to identify weakness. Fusion rifles require a second to charge before firing – in some cases that’s not an issue, but in a lot of the tight corridors, that second can be too long. That’s where shotguns shine – they don’t require a charge at all, which gives them a quicker damage output. Couple that with their high damage levels, and a surprising range, and you have a very solid Special Weapon option. There are some cases for sure on the larger maps where a sniper is a better choice, but on those maps I would say it’s more player preference.

Warlock Nova Bomb

It really shouldn’t be a big surprise, but a well timed Super can totally swing the flow of the game. In Control, it’s super important to always two points controlled by your team, that way you get the point boost for kills, plus the actual objective points. To that end, using your Super at the right time can usually guarantee a capture or prevent an enemy capture. Even the Hunter’s Supers, which aren’t area of effect attacks, but more individual attacks, can still clear out rooms, provided they use them well. The Sunsinger and Defender subclasses are built more for defense/buffing, so they aren’t quite as effective at clearing out rooms, but can totally be used in an offensive way with the right upgrades. We came up against a Warlock using the Sunsinger that had it built for damage reduction and shield strength – it’s impressive just how much stronger that made him.

There’s a reason you have three grenades and three upgrades for your melee ability. It gives you flexibility in the arena. Make sure that you are always using them when they’re available. Some grenades are great for quick kills – the Firebolt grenade, Skip grenade and Scatter grenade are all good examples there. Others are made for impacting how people move around – Vortex, Solar, Pulse and Swarm grenades all make it so players can’t sit in one spot. Others are built for traps – Tripmine and Lightning grenades are designed for that. I was using the Lightning last night, and found that almost everyone underestimated how long it would pulse out the Lightning, and as a result I got a ton of kills with it that I might not have otherwise.

Some map specific tips now to keep in mind.

Destiny First Light
First Light is a big map set on the moon – the most important thing to remember is that the Cabal Interceptor spawns in after a couple minutes. It’s not as powerful as it was in the Beta, but it still can do some serious damage – it’s important to either control it, or take it out quickly. Heavy ammo can help with that, as can snipers that pick off the pilot.

Twilight Gap is a really small, close quarters map that is all about using close range tactics. Shotguns and melee/grenade abilities are important here. The B control point is relatively well protected, but at the same time is very open to grenades and supers, so you have to make sure you are always aware going in to B.

Firebase Delphi on Mars is another relatively small map, with a lot of corridors that run on top of each other. Again, B is a pretty well protected point, but has three ways into it, meaning you need to be ready for an attack from anywhere. Grenades, shotguns, supers and melees help take the point over, as well as using the multiple points in for pincer attacks.

Shores of Time on Venus is another map that was in the Beta – it hasn’t really changed at all from then, just a few tweaks to the spawn logic. There are a lot of good mid-range sightlines, using a scout rifle or other accurate primary can help keep enemies away from your points, but be aware that each point is easily attacked with grenades and supers from different directions.

Going in, the Crucible can be pretty overwhelming – there’s a lot going on in Destiny that makes its way over into the PvP. Remembering that you can switch your build on the fly, as well as adjusting a few tactics away from the PvE side can make it much easier to do well. I would say that Destiny in general is a PvE game, but the Crucible actually works very well and can be a lot of fun – there’s nothing quite like seeing a legendary or exotic pop at the end of a round.

Let’s Talk About Destiny’s Story

DestinyI was able over the weekend to sit down and finish up the story in Destiny on my two primary characters. I was withholding judgment on the story until then, but I had pretty low expectations based around what I had been seeing online. Now that I’ve finished it up, I want to get my thoughts on it out there, so be aware there probably will be a few spoilers ahead. As for my character builds, expect more next week, after I’ve had more time with each class’s second subclass.

One of the decisions that I think people are questioning with the story in Destiny is that the story starts in media res. That is to say that the real storyline has been ongoing at the point where your guardian comes back to life. Because of that, there’s not really any sort of introduction to any of the major events or enemies you’ll face. You are expected to be aware of what the Fallen are, right in the first mission. There’s no real backstory to any of the characters or factions that you encounter, both in the world and on the Tower. Which is actually not 100% true, it’s just that none of the exposition happens in game. Instead all of the real meat to the characters and factions and enemies stories are all told using the Grimoire in the companion app. Now, the entries in the Grimoire are actually all really cool – in depth bits of info to help flesh out the universe; but it’s all stuff that really should live in-game somewhere. In general, the character menu is really streamlined – there’s isn’t a lot extra going on with any page of it – but I don’t see why a fifth page couldn’t have been added to include the Grimoire in-game. It almost reeks of marketing to help drive up downloads of the companion app to me.

Destiny Black Garden

Beyond that, the actual story of the game is really hard to pin down. The central threat is this amorphous “Darkness” that really doesn’t have any form until the very end of the game. Instead we fight against four different warring factions, that all take on very similar make-ups. That said, each faction does feel different enough where you don’t feel like you’re just shooting interchangeable enemies, or at least I think that’s the case. I think it’s more apparent with the Cabal enemies on Mars – their tactics are totally different from just about every other group – with shocktroopers jumping to the front, and slow moving Phalanxes continually firing at you. But aside from being told that they are all “servants of the Darkness” we really have no idea as to what their intentions are. Bungie does a good job of making each group actually feel like they have an identity though, it’s just not clear how those identity fits into the context of the story.

Destiny Queen of the Reef

At the end of the journey (excluding the Vault of Glass raid) the whole journey really feels much more like one step. Instead of going through the usual Bungie epic, it feels much more like we have just seen the foundation laid for the real tale. We have experienced the very beginning of what could end up being a massive franchise/series in the next 10 years or so. There are hints of what might be ahead all around – it’s especially evident in Old Russia. Beneath the giant wrecked ship there are three Hallowed Knights, two Major and an Ultra guarding what appears to be some sort of huge door. There’s a second one if you follow the coastline around past the leveled dregs near the water. Beyond that there are two more map transitions that end at closed doors, one in the Refinery and one in the Hive seeder at Skywatch. That’s just on Earth, I’m sure there are similar places on the other planets that I haven’t found yet. Which all just makes me think that there are way more plans in place for future content, beyond just the two announced ones, which might help flesh out some of the concerns people have.

As for future stories, I fully expect more to happen with the Fallen Queen, which we might see this weekend, as the weekend event is based around her. In all likelihood that will amount to special bounties to undertake with high level enemies and hopefully good loot. In the future though I expect the Queen’s brother to play a major role in the upcoming story. I also am expecting to see a lot more of the other planets in the solar system outside of the Crucible.

Overall, I really just expect to see a lot more of everything in the coming months which hopefully will lead to a more fully fleshed out experience next time out. The good thing going for Bungie is that Destiny is set up as a perpetual online world, which gives them ample opportunities to adjust the way certain parts work. Everyone online is giving them grief about the loot system. I’ve gotten very lucky, able to get pretty good gear, but at the same time I can fully see how it is frustrating for sure, especially grinding out weapon parts and experience for the higher tier gear.