Mega Man Monday: Mega Man 4 – The Title and Stage Select Screens Are Done

With this week’s Minecraft Monday update, I’m able to share my progress with the Mega Man 4 Stage Select and Title Screens. Each screen is 256×224 – pretty typical for old NES games. While that doesn’t sounds like a lot considering YouTube videos run at a way higher resolution nowadays, what that number really means is that each screen features over 57,000 blocks. This is easily the biggest scale thing that I’ve ever worked on in Minecraft, in Survival or Creative.

I went ahead after completing the two screens and made a clip on my Xbox One showing off the hard work. The video can be seen here, thanks to OneDrive not letting my embed the file right now. Without knowing 100%, since I never actually timed it, I would guess that those two screens took about 20 hours total to make.

Mega Man 4 Title ScreenWhich brings me to the plan for the next step in Mega Man Land. Screen-wise, I have completed my Mega Man 4 screens – the only other MM4 things I want to do is create each Robot Master’s sprites as massive statues, along with Mega Man himself using each weapon in the game. The size on the sprites won’t be quite as big as for the full screen images, but each one will still be pretty tall. While I could scale them up a bit, instead I want to make them 1:1 scale still. The hardest part of this next step is that I’m building them vertically – as opposed to horizontally along the ground. This means I really have to make sure each line of pixels is exact, in order to minimize the amount of going back and re-working things.

But the next true major section of Mega Man Land that I will begin work on this week is starting the Mega Man 3 screens. Like I did with MM4, I’m going to start with the stage select screen; I’ll most likely start with Top Man, just because it’ll be easy to start with a middle side portrait.Megaman 3 Stage SelectThe real trouble with this stage select screen is the detail in the background – that repeating Mega Man III isn’t going to be fun to deal with. In general, I think this screen will be more complicated, in all respects, than MM4. The portrait frames aren’t exact squares, thanks to those lights on the corners. There are three Robot Masters with red as their color scheme – which is the worst color for working with in Minecraft. Hopefully the newest console update, which added dyed clay, might offer some extra options. The good news is that the other Robot Masters use pretty simple colors that work well in Minecraft – blue and green. This might be a slower go than the MM4 screen, but in the long run might look pretty damn cool after it’s done.Mega Man 3 Title ScreenThe other tough part is the Title Screen for MM3 – it’s a whole ton of black. While that might seem easy, in truth it makes it really easy to mess up. All things considered, this is the game that I definitely want to make sure I get a timer going whenever I work on this one. I honestly fully expect this to take longer than the last game, so I might go with the MM4 sprites first – we’ll see.

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