Destiny Crucible Status – The Arena Three Months Later

DestinyThe last time I really sat down and looked at the PvP multiplayer in Destiny was way back around launch, and again for the Iron Banner. Well since I’ve been grinding out Crucible marks so I could pick up a new set of Future War Cult boots, I thought I would put down maybe some of my more recent thoughts on the state of Crucible play.

One thing that I think is really clear is that the Hunter classes are clearly the best PvP class. Either super really doesn’t have a true counter, aside from a pure headshot or another super. Golden Gun is all but a guarantee for at least three free kills, and Arc Blade can be just as dangerous, albeit with a little bit less protection. Add in the fact that Hunters can use Blink jump, which is pretty insane, and I don’t think it’s a surprise that there are tons of Hunters online. With that in mind I don’t really think too much has changed from my original thoughts on Hunter builds – for Gunslingers, Tripmine grenade is great, as a Bladedancer, I like the Flux grenade still. In general, you’ll want gear to get your super back quick, and actually melees too – throwing knife is great with Burn added, and Blink Strike is a good mid range melee.

Destiny Hunter

Warlocks are a tricky beast – they’re not quite as powerful as Hunters, but a close second thanks to a couple really nice abilities. For Voidwalkers, you’ve got a real solid class that’s based around big damage in short bursts. Axion Bolt is a fantastic grenade, and Nova Bomb is a great AoE attack to clear enemies, that adds in pretty solid damage resistance while tossing it to keep you alive. But all things considered, I actually think I prefer a Sunsinger in PvP. Radiance’s Phoenix ability lets you revive yourself instantly, which can get you a quick shot at revenge. You’ll want a discipline build for sure, so you can just throw tons of grenades while Radianced. I think really any of their grenades work, but the Solar might be the best bet. Finally, Scorch turns into a one-shot while you are Radianced, which really helps your survivability in close range.

Destiny Warlock

Finally, we reach my chosen main class – the Titan. When I say that they’re underpowered in PvP, I don’t mean that they’re weak. They have some really powerful weapons on their hands, but compared to how certain parts of the other two classes, they underperform just a little. Super-wise, Fist of Havoc is still great – you get a nice defense buff while using it, and Aftermath and Shockwave both are viable, although I really prefer Aftermath for sure. Pulse and Lightning grenades are great for area control, and can catch people off guard to get some “cheap” kills. The problem comes when we talk about melee – Storm Fist is not a one-hit, and has no extended range unlike either of the other two classes. It may sound like whining, but when my best melee attack is one that I have to sprint for a few seconds first to use, its usefulness is really limited. It just needs a little buff, and it would be fine. Defenders are a bit different – Ward of Dawn is nice, but having the Helm of Saint-14 is almost required to really make it worth using. Their melee attack, Barrier Strike, is nice since you get an overshield out of it, which might keep you alive; and having Magnetic grenades is a great option.

Destiny Titan

This is where my thoughts on the Crucible have really changed. At launch, I was all about particular weapons, partially due to my lack of having a lot of Legendary or Exotics. Things have changed a bit, and my loadout has definitely changed since then. With the latest patch, hand cannons have become beasts in PvP – Thorn and The Last Word in particular. Thorn is almost a two shot – if one is a head shot, it is with the damage over time. The Last Word is just a pure power weapon, with the ability to fire it really fast – it’s a three shot kill regardless, so that boost helps a ton. Obviously Vex Mythoclast is still a crazy weapon for PvP with its behavior to fire super fast and deal insane damage; you just have to get the drop luck in the Hard Vault of Glass. Special weapons are where I get a little off with what I see people using a lot. I don’t care for Fusion Rifles, but they definitely shine online – their damage output at mid-long range is insane right now. Plan C is great, Murmur is a beast and Light of the Abyss is definitely good with a quick charge time. For my Special slot though I run with Found Verdict – the Vault of Glass shotgun, or Invective still. My mid-long range is covered with my primary, so I have to make my shots count – if I want to use Specials, I have to push to close range, which fits with my Striker build. Sniper-wise, Patience and Time is great, Praedyth’s Revenge is too thanks to high rate of fire and low recoil. Icebreaker is a good choice, just for not having to worry about ammo. Heavy weapons I’ve also switched my loyalties – I used to be a Machine Gun guy, but I like Truth or either Gjallarhorn or Hezen Vengeance now more so.

Destiny Thorn

My former thoughts on weapons were more on controlled damage output – decent rates of fire with high stability. Now my thought is more about quick damage in as few shots as possible. High impact shots – scout rifles like Another NITC, Vision of Confluence both are solid choices; any hand cannon is great now too – help your time to kill drop, and keeping you alive. The Crucible hasn’t changed a ton, but since it’s been active for three months now, you’re going to see a lot of high level weapons. With Christmas noobs right around the corner, just keep that in mind before stepping into the arena.

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