Minecraft Monday: Mega Man 3’s Stage Select Falls, Title Screen Putting Up Good Fight

Mega Man 3 Box ArtI mentioned in last week’s update that the Stage Select screen was proving to be a pretty complicated build, thanks to being pretty full of stuff. With Mega Man 4, the Stage Select was really straightforward – the background between the portraits was really simple, and let me use potions of swiftness to finish them really quickly. In Mega Man 3 however, the repeated use of the “Mega Man III” logo throughout the background made me take a different approach.

Instead of going straight across like I did in MM4, I went with instead putting down as many of the “Mega Man III” first, then when they were all put down, and the portraits were completed, I threw on the potion of swiftness and finished out the blue in the background. I don’t really know how much time difference this actually amounted to, mainly because not only did I not actively time my progress with MM4, but also since this is my third full screen project, I have a bit more thought out plan. The total time on the Stage Select for Mega Man 3 was right around eight hours or so – probably a bit more.

In the end, I’m pretty happy with the final product – Snake Man’s green is a little darker than the actual sprite, and for the most part, I went with colors that would probably fit better with a more “realistic” art style. The faces on the Robot Masters – especially on Top Man – in the actual sprites use the same color for the shadows, as they use for the highlights on the red armor. While I could have gone with using the pink clay for both, thanks to the dyed clay options, the light grey clay looks really good next to the white clay as a shadow. It looks a bit more lifelike, and I think it works.

Mega Man 3 Title Screen

Since I finished the Stage Select, I dove right into the Title Screen. I was expecting it to go relatively quickly, mainly because there aren’t much in the way of details. With Mega Man 4, the Title Screen had the large helmet in the lower third, that broke up the black background. In MM3, the whole screen is just black – with the “Mega Man III” at the top, with only “Game Start” and “Pass Word” below it. Everything else is black. It’s good because I can use potions of swiftness, bad because I get bored. The only other issue with the Title Screen is that there is a dark red color used in the “III” and at the top of “Mega” and as I’ve mentioned in the past, there really isn’t a great dark red block. Netherack has sections in it that are dark, but the texture ruins it. So I’m going with just doubling up – red wool and red clay, and hoping it looks good still. After that, it’s on to the sprite field, which I also have a better plan for, in order to make it look a bit more organized. I’ll show what I mean in next week’s update.


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