Battlefield: Hardline Tips and Tricks – Mechanic

Battlefield HardlineContinuing our run through of the four classes in Battlefield: Hardline, today we’re looking at the class that I’ve admittedly played the least: the Mechanic. While I haven’t put quite as much time into the Mechanic as the other classes, I still think I can provide a pretty solid base for some advice.

We’ll start with the primary weapons – which I’ll admit is probably the reason that I haven’t played a lot of Mechanic. Even though I’m a fan of close quarters, the SMGs that Mechanics have don’t really appeal to me – I have no real definite reason why, they just don’t. That said, I get killed by them all the damn time, so I know very well that they work quite well. The default weapon – the MP5K – comes with a pretty good set of attachments. You get a sight – the SRS 02 that I like a lot – as well as extended magazines equipped by default. Add in that it also has a suppressor and you have a really good choice for some flanking kills. It’s a set-up that can do some serious damage at close range – and it’s not even the best SMG available. In my opinion that either goes to the P90 or the MPX – both guns that I see way more frequently out there. The problem here is that all the weapons available all have limited range; there are some maps where playing as a Mechanic is a real slow grind.

With the range as limited as it is, it might seem easy to dismiss the class entirely. But the gadgets available to the Mechanic make up for it all. There’s actually a lot more flexibility here than we saw in the Operator. Putting it into Battlefield 4 terms, the Mechanic is blending together elements from the Engineer, Scout and Assault classes. They have the M79 grenade launcher unlocked by default – giving them some offense against vehicles. And with the presence of the repair tool, it’s easy to just say that the Mechanic is your vehicle fixer class only. That’s selling it a bit short. The vehicle options are there for sure – especially adding in the sabotage item, letting you booby trap cars; but there’s more here. The satellite phone gadget will let you place a mobile spawn point – letting your squad have an extra option to keep them in fight quicker, or set up some tactical moves. There’s still one more gadget even – the armored insert – which gives the Mechanic a little bit more toughness, helping them get close while taking fire. It’s not too hard to see that the Mechanic is a really flexible class – it’s not just focused on vehicles.

That flexibility is also present in the Reputation upgrades you unlock by playing the class. Your first Rep slot is either an Extra Grenade or Flak Jacket; the second is between Extra 40mm grenades or Fast Repair; the third slot is either Fast Aim or Delayed Explosive Trigger and the final slot is either Fast Reload or Fast Swap. With the first two slots, you can further increase your effectiveness against vehicles if you’re playing that role – otherwise you can help get your survivablility up a bit more. In general I think taking the Flak Jacket is the more important of the two upgrades at tier one – surviving explosives can be a really nice addition.

Even with the flexibility that the Mechanic does have, it’s still got a pretty serious downside to it. That of course being the range – it’s out performed at mid range by every class, and potentially even at close range by the Enforcer. The Mechanic definitely fills an important role on the team – especially on Hotwire. But where I think the Operator is the easiest to pick up and play, the Mechanic is on the opposite side of that coin. There’s a bit of a learning curve, but that makes playing it well that much more satisfying.


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