Battlefield: Hardline Tips and Tricks – Enforcer

Battlefield HardlineWe’ve got two more classes to go over here with Battlefield: Hardline – we’ve already hit the Operator and Mechanic. Today let’s look at the class that I’ve played by far the most – the Enforcer. It’s a class built for power and speed – but still has a couple counters to keep it balanced.

The Enforcer is the class that you might not think you really need, but after spending a few hours with him, you realize he may be just as important as the Operator to a full squad. From a pure offense standpoint, the Enforcer might be the best all around pick thanks to his weapon choices. His default weapon, the 870P Magnum pump action shotgun, means that he’s purely a close quarters class. But Enforcers also have access to heavy battle rifles – weapons like the SCAR-H and SA-58 OSW – that give you a mid-long range option. They definitely cost a good chunk of change, but they really open up a whole second aspect to the class. Normally on maps like Downtown or Everglades, you would need to find a small area – preferably a building to lock down – but with the battle rifles, you can add in the lanes, and even better defend points. There are still some weaknesses here though – snipers still out range you, and even at close range, missing your shots with the shotguns can get you killed. Rate of fire in general with the Enforcer is pretty low – and recoil with the battle rifles is definitely an issue. Normally I recommend stubby grip for automatic fire recoil control; but with the battle rifles – especially the SCAR-H – I like the angled grip, to help a lot with the first shot recoil. Sights are always nice too – again, I like the green dot or micro RDS – and I like having the heavy barrel for a bit more control. Accessories are a little bit more based around the gun – on the SCAR-H, I recommend the stock; on the SA-58, I like the laser sight. The shotguns though are a whole different story. They have a pretty different set of priorities for their attachments. Sights, really are totally unnecessary – even when ADSing, I find the iron sights the best choice. You really will want the laser sight on, just for extra control when hip-firing, which will happen a lot. You could go with the 12G Slug, but I think the buckshot is ultimately the better choice – the range on all the shotguns is a bit more than you might think. Your barrel choices are a little limited too – either a modified choke or a full choke. Either one is a good choice – it tightens your spread a bit, and does make hip-firing a little less certain, but in the long run, both are worth taking. If you primarily find yourself hip-firing, I would go with the modified choke, just for the lesser penalty. One last weapon to mention is the Bald Eagle – the heavy pistol you get for finishing the second Enforcer assignment. It’s a beast of a handgun – small clip, huge recoil, but is a two shot kill at a pretty surprising range. I fully recommend using it as soon as possible.

Moving on from the weapons, we get to the meat of why the Enforcer is such an important class – the gadgets. The main gadget, and the one that I really think should be a part of every loadout you have, is the Ammo Box. You play the role of ammo man – keeping your other classes in the game full on their ammo. You should be dropping Ammo Boxes as much as possible around teammates. Within your squad, you should be aware of which players need ammo, and get them all squared up. Not only do you help your teammates out, but you also get points for it. Their other gadgets open up a couple different options. Of the two, I prefer the breaching charges by a large margin over the ballistic shield. The problem is that the ballistic shield is tied into the Enforcer Syndicate assignment – which you need to complete for the Menz in the Hood achievement. The ballistic shield functions just like you would think – it blocks bullets, and sometimes explosions. The problem is that it’s slow, one directional and really weak with its melee attack. You almost need a friend to help boost coins with it – incendiary grenades really make using the shield hard. On the other hand breaching charges are perfect for setting traps and taking down vehicles. The breaching charges are essentially this game’s answer to C4 – plantable, remote detonated explosives that do a ton of damage. I like using them in Blood Money to defend my vault – put one or two in sneaky places near the vault, and when you see it get raided, pull the trigger. They’re also great against the heavy vehicles – it takes a few to destroy the big ones, but they’re just as effective as any other anti-vehicle weapon. Plus you can set them down first to create a trap – really useful in Hotwire – setting down some on the outskirt road that drivers use.

As for the reputation boosts for the Enforcer, you have the usual pick between personal effectiveness and team play. Your first pick is between either Fast Throw or Reduced Fall; second is Fast Ready or an Upgraded Ammo Box; third is Fast Aim or an Extra Charge and finally between either Increased or Reduced Suppression. I almost always start with Fast Throw and Upgraded Ammo Box – but Fast Ready is just as useful in certain games. Fast Aim is pretty damn great, it does require some work to get to that level though and that final tier is actually a little underpowered I think. Suppression is great, but putting those boosts at the final tier of reputation is a weird decision.

Ultimately, I really love playing the Enforcer. It’s a class that essentially acts as a shock trooper – fast, powerful, and loud. There are definitely some weaknesses – ranged combat can be tricky depending on your loadout – but I really do think that the Enforcer can be a super important part of your team. Just try to finish up the ballistic shield stuff quickly so you can move on – it’s really not fun.

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