Early Thoughts on Xbox One Backward Compatibility

Xbox 360 Logo

I recently got into the Xbox Preview Program, and as such have been able to look into the new backwards compatibility feature on the Xbox One. Now, it’s far from complete, there’s still plenty of details that Microsoft is working out – that’s what the whole point of the Preview Program is about. That said, the list of games that are currently available does have a couple that I have on there, so I’ve been able to play around a little bit.

Battleblock Theater

To start with, I’ve put my time in with one of the downloadable games – Battleblock Theater. The game itself is an interesting game – puzzle based platformers are always fun, and this one is no different. If anything, because it’s from The Behemoth, it’s got that much more character to it. But that’s not the important part here. What is is how well the emulation works. And in my experience it’s been pretty close to flawless. It took a while to load up the 360 environment – at least the first time it did – but other than that, it’s been really smooth so far. No framerate issues, no sound issues, and the controller hasn’t had any sort of input delay – at least that I’ve noticed. If this stays true moving forward – and the list of digital/arcade titles grows more expansive, this could really be a big step towards moving 100% on to my Xbox One.

Now, I say that I’ve used the downloadable game option so far. That’s because I only have one on-disc game that currently available on the Backwards Compatibility list – Mass Effect. Now, I love that game, and I love that series. But playing that is a major time commitment – and I already have a number of games going right now. Between Destiny, Fallout: New VegasBattlefield: Hardline, finishing Dragon Age: Inquisition and really starting Witcher 3, my plate is pretty full – especially considering I want to get a chunk of these done before the fall season kicks up. Now, I expect the discs to work just as well as the digital games do – my only concern with them is whether or not an install is required. If it is, then storage is an even bigger issue than it already was. Early adapters with the 500Gb Xbox One will all but be forced to get some form of external storage moving forward. It’s either that, or some major curating of installed games is needed. But that’s a problem for another day – and not one that’s unique to the Xbox.


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