Destiny The Taken King Tower Changes Twitch Reveal – The Hype is Real

The Taken King Logo

Bungie has officially started up their hype train for The Taken King, with the first of three planned Twitch livestreams just wrapping up. They did something very similar with the launch of House of Wolves back in April/May, hitting very similar points. The first stream there talked about the Reef and economy changes. Today, we were on the Tower, and again, looked at economy changes only. However, today’s info was a lot more involved than the House of Wolves changes. Let’s hit the high points.

Destiny Exotic Blueprints

We saw a very quick tease of the Exotic Blueprints yesterday, but today we finally got the actual details. All of those Exotic items that we’ve been chasing for the last year are being collected in one spot – clearing up inventory space and vault space. If you’re looking for some exotics to really hunt down, I’ve been going through them all this week. The details behind these collections are really cool. All you need to pick up an exotic armor or weapon, and it’s added to the collection. It’s across your account, so it works with all your characters. It also allows you to just pick up any previous exotics you’ve earned – dismantled Apotheosis Veil a few months back for a shard, not an issue anymore. Just head to the Hall of Guardians, and grab a new one. We also found out a bit more about the future of exotics moving into Year Two. Certain items – both armor and weapons – are coming with us to Year Two, with what essentially looks like a second evolution. We saw the Light Beyond Nemesis helmet for Warlocks shown – it’s the Keeper of the Pack exotic armor for them. It’s moving forward with us, and gaining a few new perks with it. What’s really exciting for the armor is that the Year Two versions will have their exotic perks automatically unlocked. No more grinding to get to that Keeper of the Pack – it’s right there at the start. Weapons behave a little differently – those exotic perks will still need to be unlocked on Year Two versions, but that’s because those evolved weapons are very much different. We saw an old friend today SUROs Regime – it’s going to be coming with us for The Taken King, with a sweet new paint job. The new look goes along with a new talent grid – with a couple binary upgrade choices, putting more choices into the players’ hands. Of the news we saw today, I really think that these exotic changes are probably the biggest gameplay thing we saw. In particular – I didn’t see any glimpse of a Year Two G-Horn, Thorn or Icebreaker. Longtime players know those weapons as meta-breaking weapons, so by leaving them behind – or at least seemingly doing that – Bungie looks to really hit the reset button with some major Exotics. There’s still a few details with exotics we don’t know – are shards still used for maxing and the state of exotic bounties – but in general, that was really what I was excited to see.

It’s been an issue for serious players for just about the entire lifespan of the game so far. How can you store all the exotics, raid gear, as well as other useful weapons in your Vault? Well Bungie finally heard us, and is giving us a pretty major upgrade. Weapon space is being doubled to 72 slots – combined with the Exotic Blueprint system, that should clear a whole bunch of space out. Armor is being brought up to that same number, which is a little more than doubled – again, with exotics being brought into the collection system, that should clear up a bunch of space. The general slots haven’t been touched at all though – but that’s perfectly fine when you combine it with another new detail we saw today.

Destiny Emblem Collection

In general, I think longtime players have that general section full of emblems, shaders, ships, and upgrade materials. Upgrade materials will be consolidated – armor parts are all being combined into one item – which cleans them up. Ascendant material and Radiant materials are being left behind for Year One items only. The big inventory hogs though – shaders, ships and emblems – are all being but into their collections. You no longer will need to hold on to them – once you’ve gotten them once, they’re open and you can pick them up from their Collection Kiosks. The ones you haven’t yet found are still there, and they now will tell you how to get them. From a customization standpoint this is amazing. If you’ve looked at the Destiny Database online, you know that there are some really cool emblems and ships and shaders out there. Now it’s easy to find them, learn how to get them, and then you have access to them.

Every vendor on the tower has been upgraded in some way shape and form. Generally, it’s a refinement on the bounties/missions/reputation systems. Factions have been changed a bit – no more being married to a faction through a class item. Now you pledge to a faction, and you gain rep – it’s that simple. Plus you don’t cut off Crucible or Vanguard rep when you do this now – you gain both now. You can only change factions once per week, so there’s a little bit more commitment now, but that’s alright I think. The Faction reward packages are also being updated so they’re a lot less punishing. You’re now guaranteed Strange Coins, Motes of Light or Legendary items; and the shaders and ships have a higher priority to drop. Combine that with a new logic that is going to help reduce duplicate drops for those customization items, and I think faction rewards are going to be a lot less frustrating. There’s a lot of little details here, with regards to the bounty system and questing missions, but in general I think these are pretty self-explanatory; and really they get into spoiler territory, and I kinda want to just stay clear of details for story stuff until September.

In general today’s Twitch stream was just what The Taken King needs to really get the hype flowing strong. Fans were already on board – I know I was – but today just really helped us get a better grasp on what’s going on. Next week we are going to see them run through one of the brand new strikes. That’s a great way to show off the new combat mechanics live, but I do hope that they steer clear of a lot of specific details on story stuff. We’ll find out next Wednesday.


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