Weekly News Recap – Week of August 31, 2015

Well it’s finally here, the new releases have started to come our way. September has just barely begun and we already have two big titles out, in the first week. New launches usually means a few headlines worth talking about, and this week is no different. Let’s go over a couple.

Metal Gear Solid 5

Probably the biggest new game that launched this week, Konami’s hugely successful tactical espionage thriller Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain has had an interesting first week. While the reviews for the game have been super strong, and it seems like the public opinion is right in line with them, I have seen a bit about the microtransactions that are present in the game’s Forward Operating Base mode. From what I’ve read, it looks like the FOB mode pretty much requires you to spend actual money on in-game currency to succeed. The other issue that I’ve seen this week is the servers for the game have been spotty. It’s been playable, but there have been some online issues, which honestly seems like it’s pretty much standard for launches these days.

Mad Max

The other big game that launched this week is the licensed Mad Max game. While it’s not a direct tie-in with the movie from earlier this year, it’s clearly designed to take advantage of the success of the movie. I spent some time this week checking out some streamers playing it, and I have to say, while the game looks good, it also looks very much like a game with a high chance for burnout.  The map looks pretty damn big, and there seems like a lot of collectible type activities in the game. It’s the kind of game where I think you have to play this and this alone to really get everything out of it, and this fall is just too busy to me to do that. It still looks cool, but I just think there are so many games this fall that you really need to pick and choose your games carefully.

The Taken King Logo

In this week’s Bungie Weekly Update we finally got a few more concrete details about the upcoming 2.0 patch for Destiny. We already knew that the patch would be coming on the 8th of September, but now we know a little more about what is actually going to be in the patch. The changes to the character level are taking place on Tuesday, meaning that Light will be separated from Level, as well as the weapon balance. The Questification is taking place as well, along with the extra bounty space. The kiosks will also be installed, meaning that those emblems and shaders you’ve been wondering how to get will be right there to see. The other really big part pertains to the bounties. Any uncompleted Year One bounty will be lost – so make sure they’re finished up or you lose the XP. Eris Morn is losing her bounties as well, probably because she will be a big player in The Taken King. The House of Wolves targets are also disappearing, so make sure you’ve gotten all their Grimoire cards before Tuesday. But the biggest bounty news relates to those Exotic bounties. Any Exotic bounty you have will be automatically completed on Tuesday and you will receive the weapon from the appropriate person. That’s awesome on Bungie’s part. People who have been stuck at the Void kills for Thorn no longer need worry, you’ll get a Thorn very soon. It’s a good way to make sure that those Year One Exotics are put right into the kiosks immediately.


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