Let’s Talk About that Crucible Questline in The Taken King

The Taken King LogoSince the launch of Destiny: The Taken King, I’ve been running all over the place completing quests and bounties galore. But there’s one quest line that has stayed in my inventory this whole time has been the first Crucible quest chain. Over the last couple days too I’ve started to see more posts on the Destiny subreddit bringing up this particular quest. So let’s talk a little about it.

I think there are two ways of looking at this quest. The first is the way that a lot of the Reddit posters have been – that of the hardcore player. The people who play the game pretty much exclusively and play it a lot. The other is more in line with I think how Bungie approached it. It’s designed to be a welcome to the Crucible – across the whole spectrum. It shows you the ropes, and gradually ramps up the challenges. In theory, both views can and should work together. Hardcore players, especially players that focus on PvP, can complete the quest pretty quickly; while at the same time new players have a framework to guide them through the ins and outs of each different game mode. That’s actually really smart game design – older, more seasoned vets get rewarded quickly and new players have a good learning period to figure out the different modes.

Destiny Crucible

Where I think the roadblock may show up is once you hit the end of the Factions section and get to Trials Practice. Every previous step has you win two games in a specific game mode – not terribly difficult, especially if you go in with a few friends. Trials Practice however, requires you to win five matches of Elimination. That’s more than just an increase in wins required – Elimination is probably the most hardcore mode in Destiny. I think that this is where the quest gets a little wonky. It works perfectly up until then, but then the pressure steps way up, and the margin for error drops out. The value of a win shoots up and as a result you start to see the new Crucible issue – quitting. Because a lot of players are just trying to finish the quest, the most efficient way is to leave forgone losses to get into a new game quicker. You see that with the weapon bounties – the next step of the quest chain – a lot more.

Where I think the biggest disconnect here is that the PvE counterpart to this is no where near as deep. Both quests are designed to teach players about the playlists available and end up with the second tier rewards – just below the Raid. The problem is that the PvE is three steps – five normal strikes, five Heroic strikes and a Nightfall. That’s it, and you have a built in Nightfall reward in the quest. That’s easily done in a full day of play, with time to spare. The Crucible quest has more variables in play that make consistently completing steps difficult. Unless you and your group are pretty consistent PvP players, this is definitely a bit of a slog. It’s not empirically a bad quest, but it is one that I can see that turns off players. Just be ready to explore the new weapon meta and find the weapons that work for you in any game mode.

Fist of Havoc

One last note about Crucible quests, now that Mayhem is live this week, this might be the time to go through those PvP Subclass quests. I just wrapped up the Striker one, and I would have loved Mayhem for the Fist of Havoc multikills. If you’ve been putting them off, this might be the best week so far to try them – those emblems are pretty sweet looking.


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