Call of Duty: Black Ops III – Wallrunning Thoughts

I’ve been a big Call of Duty fan for a long time – going back to the Classic games on the PC. Now that I’ve been playing a good chunk of Black Ops III multiplayer I think that Treyarch has pretty much completely changed the formula for their games. The biggest change to me that we’ve seen in the overall franchise over the last three games has been increasing the mobility. Ghosts added in sliding, Advanced Warfare added in boost jumps and dodging, as well as sliding, and now we’re at Black Ops III with wall running, thruster jumps and sliding. So with that in mind, I thought I’d talk a little about those new mobility options in Black Ops III.

It’s hard to look at wallrunning in an FPS these days without comparing it to TitanfallTitanfall had such a seamless integration with the wallrunning and clamber mechanics that it has kinda set the standard in the modern set of FPS games. So going in to Black Ops III I was curious to see how Treyarch would approach it. I can definitely see some influence in how easy it is to transition into a wall run or clamber. Shooters are definitely moving to a more mobile mind-set. Cover use will always be an important part of any FPS game, but mobility is really starting to be a huge part of how encounters are playing out. What I think Black Ops III does well with the wall running is that you can still aim-down-sights while running. In Titanfall, if you aim, you stick to the wall, killing your momentum and making you an easy target. With being able to aim and move on the walls, it opens up a whole bunch of different options to get into firefights and engage the enemy from a whole bunch of different angles. Since Treyarch has a bunch of challenges that are based around wallrunning, and the maps are set-up for it as well, you’re bound to see lots of people running all over the place.Black Ops 3

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