Destiny in 2016 – What I want From Bungie

Destiny BannerfallWe have a couple weeks of downtime from Bungie as they recover from the holidays and reset after the Sparrow Racing League in Destiny. So while we’re all out in the wild trying to keep finding something to do in The Taken King, I thought I would put down what I would like to see from Bungie in Destiny this year. I’m trying to think about smaller things that Bungie could do while they work on whatever bigger release we’re getting this fall.

One thing that doesn’t directly impact me, but I can absolutely see it impacting plenty of streamers on Xbox One is the ability to have a private party. One the PS4, you can set your fireteam to private – that option doesn’t exist on the Xbox One. I would think that can’t be a huge change for Bungie to make. Another thing that has always bugged me is that Patrol is limited to a three-man fireteam. With Court of Oryx in the Dreadnought, being able to bring in a full fireteam of friends would make grinding those runes way more enjoyable. I think it also extends to just playing with friends in PvE outside of the raid. At this point in the game’s life, the player base is definitely composed more of dedicated players – with friends lists full of longtime players. Being able to bring together a full fireteam to do more than just PvP or raiding I think would be nice.

In terms of actual content, I really think that the Festival of the Lost and Sparrow Racing League both played a really strong role in shaping what we’re going to see this year. I hope that Bungie is looking at the response to both events and going bigger moving forward. PvE events need to bring us out of our routines – run three Nightfalls, do the raid, and that is pretty much it, unless you’re still grinding Exotics like me. I’d love to see something where we visit each location in the game – maybe bring in some of the Crucible maps like the subclass quests. Tie it in with the Exo Stranger – which is something I have been calling since the first Queen’s Wrath event – and I think you have a good frame to build it all around. Since we are expecting the next major entry to focus around either the Cabal or Osiris, I think bringing back the Exo Stranger is a great move. The other thing I’ve been seeing a lot of lately is the notion of bringing back the old raids. While I think that’s great – mainly because I still love the Vault of Glass; I think it’s a dangerous road to go down. Bungie had said when The Taken King launched that those old raids just had to go away to make the new content actually have impact. I don’t think just because everyone is done with TTK content that we should go back in time a year. Now, if they have a smart plan for them – like a higher level for them, challenge modes that maybe are actually challenging, or a whole new set of loot for Year Two runs – that could work fine. But I wouldn’t get my hopes up just yet for that.

Destiny Black Garden

PvP-wise, I think Bungie is in a little tougher spot. SRL was great, and I fully expect to see it return, maybe with some degree of regularity; but actual competitive play needs something to shake it up. Iron Banner and Trials of Osiris I think both need something to just freshen them up. They have been experimenting a bit with Iron Banner Clash/Control, so maybe that will extend to Zone Control or Rift as well. Trials though is a little tougher to think how to change. My only thought would be to maybe try a six-man version. I think it would work, it just would need a good deal of balancing.

Ultimately, I just want to see Bungie do more of what they have been with The Taken King. The story content told throughout that was a huge step in the right direction after the vanilla story. The characters are stronger, the gameplay stayed really strong, and I think that now that they’ve refocused their development, the future could be bright. This year is a big year for the franchise – I don’t know that it’s do or die, but I think this fall could go a long way toward shaping the whole “ten year story” idea. Regardless, I think Bungie has a lot of different options this year – we just need to hope that they pick the right ones.

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