Destiny Rise of Iron Winter Cosmodrome Stream

Today was the first stream from Bungie talking about Rise of Iron since the announcement back before E3. We knew going in that it wasn’t going to be a particularly detailed stream – Bungie said in advance that it was just a tour of some of the new changes to the Cosmodrome. That said, there were still a couple little details that we learned today that I want to talk about.

Destiny Rise of Iron

Let’s start with the location – the Cosmodrome is probably the most traveled location in Destiny. It’s where our journey begins, our first missions and strikes all take place there, and it’s our home planet. So going in to Rise of Iron, I think Bungie deciding to revisit the Cosmodrome and update is a good move. It makes sense that it’s the first place that Bungie is updating – there’s still unfinished business with the Fallen, and it’s the first location overall. Now that we’ve seen parts of the new Winterized Cosmodrome, I like how Bungie is approaching updating it. They could have easily just thrown a layer of snow and ice over Old Russia and called it a day, but they’re taking the lore behind what’s going on, as well as using the actions we’ve taken since launch to help shape the new spaces. The Fallen Walker from the Public Event in the Divide we’ve taken down time and time again is now a husk, now part of the environment. That means The Divide will be the first area to have its public events changed. The Breach is probably the one area we saw today that has had the most changed. In the past, it was just a series of hallways and platforms – now that the Devil Splicers have blown a hole in the wall, those pits have been filled in with the snow. A lot more of the Breach is available to explore – I’m sure that there is more than we saw today there, including maybe more on the far side of the wall. So while we really didn’t see any truly new areas – the only really new thing was a tease in the Rocketyard wall leading to a brand new area, possibly to the Plaguelands – I think today’s stream was cool from a design perspective.

Beyond the actual Cosmodrome though, we learned two major details, in addition to trying to gleam what we can from the gear and menus. Let’s start with the little bits first – the three weapons we saw all looked like they’re similar to the current archetypes. The auto rifle was a Suros one, which looked similar to the New Monarchy on currently – what was interesting was the gun looked like it had some kind of tie to SIVA, as the logo was on the side of the gun. The scout rifle we saw looked like a Vision of Confluence style gun, but we didn’t really get that good of a look at it. The pulse rifle though I think is interesting – the scope on it was similar to Universal Remote’s, while the color scheme didn’t really look like any current weapon manufacturer or vendor set, so I wonder if it’s one of the new foundry weapons. The other little detail was a quick look at Deej’s UI showing his Light Level at 355. The streams in the past haven’t been at max level, so I highly doubt it’s going to that. What’s more likely is that it’s going to be around 400. Finally, we learned about the new pre-order incentive for Rise of Iron. We already are getting a sweet Iron Gjallarhorn, and now we get a Gjallarhorn themed Sparrow – the Gjallarwing – to go along with it. It’s nothing particularly crazy, but it is a cool looking Sparrow, and I think it’s a nice little gift for fans. The other detail is that we now now we’re getting the next Rise of Iron info when Bungie is at Gamescom next month in Germany, which will be talking about the Crucible. That one I expect to be a little longer and more in depth, since they’ve said that there’s a good amount of change coming to the Crucible.


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