Destiny: Rise or Iron Final Prep Tips

Destiny Rise of IronWe’re in the final couple weeks before Rise of Iron launches on the 20th, with the 2.4 patch live in Destiny now. I’ve seen a bunch of different Destiny community heads talking over the last few weeks about how to prep for the new expansion. So I thought I’d share how I’ve been prepping for the launch.

In-game, it’s been finishing up my exotic class item goal. I have all three Faction Titan marks, and one of the Faction items on each of my alts. Since grinding to level 25 has been a bit of a slog up until recently with the better rep gains, I never really intended to get all nine right away. I’ll aim for finishing the collection moving through Rise or Iron. It’s the same with the exotic swords – I have one already and just need to run the strike on the other two, I just haven’t gotten to it. And honestly beyond that, my whole time playing has just been because I like the game. Once I finished my Iron Banner weapon suite with the last event, I focused more on just enjoying the game, especially since I finished the Moments of Triumph. Since the time on those is really coming to a deadline, I would say that should be your primary focus for sure.

My advise beyond that is pretty simple. Make sure you have a good stockpile of materials – weapon and armor parts, planetary materials, Motes of Light and Strange Coins. If you want to, you can certainly edge your Factions to level them as sson as Rise of Iron launches for a quick boost. But the most important thing is to not burn yourself out – don’t play because you feel like you have to. Take a break, play something else in the meantime. Overwatch is free play on console this weekend, give that a shot. Watch some college football or NFL this weekend. Don’t burn out on Destiny before the expansion even launches. That’s really the most important bit of “prep” advise I can give.

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