Games With Gold: March 2016 – Borderlands

BorderlandsNext month’s Games with Gold were announced a couple days ago, and I was really excited to see the second 360 title: Borderlands. It’s heading to the marketplace in the second half of the month. With that in mind I thought I’d write up a quick refresher/prep guide for one of the best games of the last generation.

Borderlands is a FPS/RPG that’s built around four-player co-op. There are four different playable characters, each with a different unique ability. It’s got a real strong emphasis on random loot – enemies drop random guns, shields, grenade and class mods, as well as rewards from quests and chests. Gearbox and 2K like to say that there are “bazillions of guns” in Borderlands, and I believe them. If you’ve come into hybrid shooter/RPGs recently, say with Destiny, you have a good base to get into Borderlands, just expect more RPG than shooter. Also, expect a hell of a lot more variety in weapons and loot. When they say random loot, they really mean random loot.

The big selling point for me with Borderlands is that it has a simple, but effective story that is full of actual humor. A lot of games try to be funny, but most fall a little short or feel forced. Borderlands actually is funny – the writing is great, it’s got some heady humor mixed in with silly sophomoric stuff too. I’ve played through the full game twice already – once solo and once with a buddy. It’s a game that is definitely more fun played with a group though – we actually had started a four-man run right at the end of the 360’s run – now we’ll be able to finish it.

Borderlands Handsome Collection

What I would recommend if you’re interested in Borderlands, since it’s going to be free, is also looking in the DLC for it. There are four packs to get – each one is a little different. One is horror themed, one is based around arena battles, one is built around the main “bad-guy” faction from the main story and the final one is all about Claptrap (the best character). Now I don’t know for sure what’s going to happen when the game goes up with Games with Gold, but I would bet that the DLC will be marked down at least a little bit. The other option could be if they make the Game of the Year edition – that includes all the DLC. Regardless I do really recommend grabbing the DLC – it’s all really good. The new levels make it easier to go about building your character, each DLC added in new unique and legendary items that are really cool, and honestly they all help tie together the story of the first game.

One last point I want to make is that since it’s now going to be backwards compatible, you’ll be able to play all three Borderlands games with the Handsome Collection as well. If you picked up that set on XBox One, now is the time to fill out the collection with the original. It’s a fantastic example of co-op gameplay that also works as a solo game. It’s got great humor, pretty perfect action, and a really good loot system that keeps grinding from being boring. If you missed it when it came out in 2008, this is absolutely a perfect time to pick it up. The series is still going strong with the Tales From the Borderlands games, and I wouldn’t be too surprised to see a full third game coming our way soonish.