Destiny: The Taken King Exotics – Round Two

The Taken King LogoI wrote a couple weeks back ago about my thoughts on some of the new Year Two Exotics inĀ Destiny: The Taken King. Well since that post I’ve gotten a few new weapons, and the community has datamined some info on armor pieces. So I want to talk about those weapons, and a little about the armor. With the weapons, it’s more that I want to talk about how they actually behave. On the armor front, I’m a little more interested in talking about if’s – in particular, how Bungie could take some Year One armor pieces and move them forward.

In the weeks since my last Exotic post, I’ve gotten my hands on The First Curse, The Chaperon, Telesto, Ace of Spades, Tlaloc, and Sleeper Simulant. I’m four Calcified Fragments away from Touch of Malice, and one Light 300 Darkblade Strike away from my Bolt-Caster. So we’ll start with The First Curse – my most recent exotic. Maybe it’s just because of how simple this thing is to obtain, but to me, this is another Exotic that doesn’t quite feel it. It’s a solid gun – it’s got a little more range than most Hand Cannons through it’s unique perk, but it’s just a little boring. It’s definitely not a PvP weapon – it’s a three crit kill, which is horrendous in compared with a slew of other weapons. It’s got a great look to it, playing off of The Last Word, and it sounds awesome too, but again, it’s just kinda “meh.” Since my last post, I’ve gotten the other two Class specific weapons – Ace of Spades and Tlaloc. Ace of Spades is a solid all around Hand Cannon. It’s got Firefly on it – which is always great – and also has a really cool exotic perk in the Maverick. With that perk, you pull ammo out of your reserves after every critical kill. You’ll keep shooting, but you will burn ammo fast. Tlaloc on the other hand is the tale of two guns. While you don’t have a super built up, it’s just a standard Omolon Scout Rifle. Once you get a super charged though, this thing turns into a beast. Every stat gets cranked up and in doing so, this gun becomes a phenomenal all around gun, good in every part of the game.

Destiny Stand Asides

Moving off of Primaries now, I’ve gotten the Chaperon and Telesto as my new Specials (still no Black Spindle.) Of the two, Telesto is certainly the more useful, all around, of the two. Firstly, I’m really happy that it’s a Void damage exotic weapon. There’s a real dearth of Void exotics still. One Sword, one Rocket Launcher and now Telesto. It’s a good exotic in that it feels exotic – the unique perk makes the shots from the fusion rifle delay their explosion. It’s great for single target damage and can catch some people off guard in PvP even. In truth, of the new Special Weapons, I think this is the strongest Exotic that I’ve used so far. The Chaperon is a pretty cool idea for a shotgun that I think just falls a little short of being amazing. I like that it behaves differently – it fires a single slug round instead of buckshot. That means it deals a ton of damage, consistently per shot, at a decent range. But the rate of fire and the actual performance kinda don’t live up to the gun’s potential. Sure it’ll catch people off guard in PvP – and if you have Hung Jury or Nirwen’s Mercy you don’t need to run an Exotic primary. But that’s about all I see using it for.

Moving on to armor now, I quickly want to mention that I’ve only picked up one actual new piece since the last post. The Immolation Fists for the Titan are the only Sunbreaker specific Exotic so far, giving you Explosive Pyre for free. It basically frees up Flameseeker, giving you tracking explosive hammers – it’s definitely a PvE piece. What I’m more interested in are some old Year One armors that supposedly have been datamined to be moving forward. This gives Bungie a chance to take kinda crappy Year One Exotics and make them useful now. They’ve started doing that with the new No Backup Plans. Now that they trigger Force Barrier on shotgun kills, they have become a viable choice for Defenders in PvP over Saint-14. With Titans, I’m curious to see if or how they’ll change the Mk.44 Stand Asides or Eternal Warrior – cool ideas for Exotics that just aren’t worth using. Those are the kinds of pieces I think we should keep an eye on moving forward.