Xbox Live Summer Spotlight: The New Summer of Arcade?

Xbox Live ArcadeOne of my favorite things that Microsoft used to do with the Xbox 360 was the Summer of Arcade. It was a one-month period where each week they would offer brand new titles that highlighted the Xbox Live Arcade. Highlights include Castle Crashers, Limbo and Braid to name just a few games. However, since the Xbox One has come out, the line between Arcade and Games on Demand is pretty much gone. And as a result, the Summer of Arcade has been basically left by the wayside.

However, this year, Microsoft is trying something new. The Summer Spotlight started yesterday and for five full weeks will feature 25(!) new games. It started pretty high too – Kings’ Quest and World of Tanks started the lineup. One thing that I’ve always found with these events is that they are always great ways to find games that might otherwise fly under the radar. They’re generally cheaper than a normal game, and tend to be quicker to play through as well. So while you’re whiling away the hours in August waiting for Madden, The Taken King or even later releases, maybe take a peak at some of the Summer Spotlight games. You could just find a new gem.